While working in the Geyer Brisbane office John Dunn as principal designer for the design and implementation of the new fitout for BMA During the briefing phase it was apparent that this project would be very different to others as approximately 60% of the work force based in Brisbane would work remotely from time to time in one of the many mining sites in the Bowen basin and vice versa many of the Bowen basin base people would travel to Brisbane to work The key to success for this project is a very flexible work space that is ready to respond to every task required of it

The planning outcome was simplistic with open / collaborative / noisy zones to the windows and quiet ‘ready to go ‘ zones to the core The technology scope was extensive as the work force being transient required the use of plug and play Many and varied destinations have been provided for their people to work and meet Team based workstation clusters with innovative glare free up lighting On floor small medium and large meeting rooms / quiet rooms and workshop areas have been provided together with themed break out spaces Out of the initial workshops held with the management team it was clear that BMA wished to reinforce their core values of community / environment / responsibility / safety/ and people first These values translated into a palette that is warm / robust / innovative / human and sustainable The on floor breakout spaces [1 per floor] reflect these values as a reminder for the BMA team

Fitout is over 7200 square metres in Riparian Plaza Eagle Street Brisbane