KBR Southbank

While working in the Geyer Brisbane office John Dunn as principal designer for design and implementation of the new fitout for KBR
A Key issue for the new fitout for KBR was to bring together the three groups of the firm under one roof

Due to growth in the past the firm had always been in separate tenancies therefore impossible to have a cohesive culture and workplace

Workshops where held with a cross section of the firm ‘s people to establish a workplace standard and methodology

The planning outcome was simplistic with open / quiet zones to the windows and offices / meeting room ‘ready to go ‘ zones internally
A whole client / meeting floor was designed which was connected to the restofthetenancybyanexternalfeaturestair [upgradedbasebuilding] The remaining floors were generically designed for the many KBR work groups to cater for the dynamic nature of their business.
Fitout is over 5600 square metres Grey Street South Bank Brisbane