Aurizon 192 Ann Street

Aurizon Project Refresh 192 Ann Street
In 2014 IDC was commissioned to refresh an existing fitout of 11 000 square metres spread over four non contiguous floors
The Aurizon inherited 25 year old existing fitouts on Levels 1 | 2 & a major part of level 5 were to be intensified and refreshed so that they reflected as close as possible the 175 Eagle Street feel & palette
Level 4 was a new rental acquisition containing a 10 year old fitout which was also to be intensified and refreshed ass for the lower levels
This was a stage refreshment project over 5 months reusing and adding to existing workstations componentry with all new meeting furniture purchased to upgrade the Aurizon conferencing capability
The limited planning changes included new breakout facilities incorporating hero graphics to reflect Aurizon’s core business
Fitout is 11 000 square metres of levels 1 | 2 |4 & part 5 of 192 Ann Street