Pilcharde Gap House

Completed in mid 2007
The Client brief was to give their existing two level holiday house a new architectural identity while maintaining as much of the existing planning and structure as possible. Idc designed a new roof line to lift the existing ceiling level from 2400 to 3500 over 50% of the second floor plan and in doing so has added a new dimension both internally and externally. The existing living / dining and kitchen areas have been redefined in a new raised box like structure with 3500 high ceilings and projecting balcony.
To the street frontage and on top of the existing double garage a matching box has been added to accommodate a new TV media room. All areas have been opened up to gain full advantage of the natural light and full ocean views. The remaining Level 1 & 2 areas were totally renovated with new flooring / lighting and colour and material palette.