Parkedge Road House

Completed in 2006

This project involved the design of a major refurbishment of essentially two north facing structures The first / the front pavilion was built 35 years ago with the back two story tower a latter addition in the mid 90’s Although the client sore potential with and within the two structures neither structures related to each other visually or in a planning sense

The approved design minimally altered the older front pavilion by splitting the structure into two introducing two glass re entry areas increase natural light and ventilation The new design takes full advantage of the split nature of the existing planning buy creating a sense of discovery of the interiors A key success was the introduction of the gallery a space between the pavilion and the tower The 3100 high ceiling has introduced a dramatic link between the two existing structures Idc design was also commissioned to design the new double garage / covered roof terrace / pool /decks / patios & landscaped areas