Ernst & Young

As apart of a national roll out of new office space in Sydney/ Melbourne / Perth for Ernst & Young John headed the geyer team for briefing / designing and implementing the 65 000 square metre fitout. As Ernst & Young had just recently merged with Anderson our client saw this new roll out of space as being a catalyst for change with in the newly merged firm.

“This is an opportunity to bring our people together merging our two disparate cultures as one”
Initially the design team carried out several workshops within the newly merged firm at Partner / Manager and Professional levels to understand their differences / expectations / emerging brand & culture.

It was apparent at the end of this phase that the two cultures were dramatically different however it was apparent that there was an overall ‘People First’ culture emerging. The client therefore opted for an open / totally collaborative / task based work environment.

Like other professional practices their people spend long hours in the office therefore each floor offers a series of get together / quite and chill out zones promoting collaboration and chance meeting / mixing of their people

Fitout is over 65 000 square metres spread over sites in Sydney / Melbourne and Perth

This project has been awarded
2005 DIA IDEA Award Best Corporate Project NSW